Our Uniform

The uniform for pupils at Cringleford Prep is grey, white and navy blue. The uniform in reception is comprised of a white polo-shirt with the option of grey shorts or skirt, and a navy sweatshirt for colder days. As students' progress through the school, polo shirts are replaced by a blouse or shirt option with a grey V neck jumper, dark navy blazer and a navy tie with grey stripes from KS2. 

Our PE kit is made up of a house colour sports top with blue shorts and/or tracksuit bottoms and a crested hooded top.

It is our duty to ensure that our uniform is affordable and that we carefully consider any items with distinctive characteristics (e.g. logos, branding). We have therefore ensured that the number of these items is kept to a minimum and will highlight where cheaper alternatives can be sourced that are in line with the school's uniform policy. We will also operate a second hand uniform shop for parents and families.

The uniform at Cringleford Prep meets all the Trust's legal duties in relation to school uniform, as outlined in our Trust policy.

Find out more about our uniform expectations below.

Cringleford Prep Uniform Procedure