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School Vision / Ethos

There is no one more precious than our children. This new school will create an environment where happy and curious children can flourish and be their best. Children’s wellbeing is our first priority. Our staff team will work hard to create strong relationships with children and their families, ensuring the very best care is provided.

We believe all of our children have the right to access a high-quality curriculum that is broad and balanced, including rich cultural and sporting opportunities. Our curriculum opens doors for our pupils, encouraging them to be curious about the world around them and broadening their horizons. The school will be fully inclusive, providing support for those children with additional needs, whatever they may be.

We will teach powerful knowledge so that children can understand, access and influence our society. Reading, writing and mathematics are at the heart of our curriculum, but we also value subject disciplines, teaching science, history, geography, religious education, computing, art, music and languages as distinct subjects, particularly as our children progress through the school. Pupils will learn to swim right from the start of their time in school, and will also participate in outdoor learning opportunities weekly. Pupils will benefit from dedicated music lessons, as well as having the opportunity to participate in instrumental lessons.

Alongside our highly academic curriculum, we will have a large variety of extracurricular activities and hobbies that children can participate in for an hour at the end of the school day. We are committed to encouraging and supporting children to develop a wide range of passions and interests. We will ensure that children leave us with both a breadth and depth of knowledge of the world, and of themselves. Our timetable will incorporate additional time for greater PE provision, as well as music, drama and computer science. 

Children at our school will benefit from a brand new purpose-built building and site. Our whole school community will benefit from exceptional behaviour, promoting an environment that is ideal for learning and ensuring that all children have the opportunity to experience success and feel happy at school. For parents who require further childcare, breakfast clubs and after-school clubs will be available to provide wrap-around care.